Quick Weight Loss Without Exercise – Is That Possible?

I need to lose weight, but I don’t want to exercise!

Everybody who wants to lose weight wants to lose weight right this minute with as little effort as possible. We all know how unhealthy it is to have excess body fat, but we don’t want to compromise taste, time, or temperament to lose it.  In the world of “I want it all, and I want it now” attitudes, whether spoken or unspoken, we realize that there are a lot of things at our fingertips if  we know how to ask for them.  With the advent and surge in popularity of the Internet, there is nothing you can’t learn if you dig deeply enough.  The ability to lose weight without killing yourself at the gym is no exception.  It is, indeed, possible to lose weight quickly without exercise.  In fact, the short book I co-wrote in 2014, Quick Weight Loss Without Killing Quick Weight LossYourself: No Gym Required, outlines exactly how to do that.  I personally lost 37 pounds in 4 months using the exact protocol in the book.  Quick weight loss without exercise is possible.  I did it, many of my patients have done it, and many people are still doing it today.  But is that all there is to it? How do I keep it off forever?

What’s next?

Losing weight is easy.  Yes, I said it.  It really is easy.  That’s not the problem most people have.  Keeping it off is the problem.  Yo-yo dieting is one of the worst health issues people have today. Most fad diets result in substantial muscle loss along with the fat you lose, but when you go back to your old way of eating without making permanent lifestyle changes, the weight you gain back is never muscle mass.  It is all of the fat you lost plus more to lose the next time you try the latest fad diet.  It is a horrible, health-robbing cycle.  If you follow the protocol outlined in my book, losing 2-5 pounds per week is no problem at all, and making the permanent lifestyle changes is automatic.

What if I hate to exercise?

I have always been active, but detested the idea of lining up in the gym with all of the Barbie-types and doing  aerobics classes.  If that is what it takes to keep it off forever, I’ll never keep it off.  What I learned was that I don’t really have to exercise to keep the weight off, but if I want a lean-looking, toned appearance I have to move my body. I know that for cardiovascular health and healthy lung function as I age, I have to exercise to make that happen.  I don’t want to spend my life in a gym.  I live in a rural area where there are no gyms anyway, and the closest one to my office is half an hour from my house.  It just doesn’t work for me.  So I started to do some homework.  What I came across changed my life and the way I approach exercise forever. Knowing that I need to exercise for general health purposes, I wanted  to find a way to do it without costing so much of my time, since I would  much rather spend my time doing other things.

HIIT me?

Everything I knew about exercise was that it took a lot of effort over long periods of time, but what I discovered in my search for a better avenue was that the science in cardiovascular health has changed a bit recently.  People in the know are raving about High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT.  The upshot is that you go all out for about 20 seconds, to the point of not being able to speak while you are exercising, then rest completely for 40-60 seconds.  Then you change to another exercise and do it for the same time frame.  The high intensity exercise turns out to be an effective fat burner and metabolism booster – perfect for the person who doesn’t have the time to spend working away in a gym.  The biggest problem with it, though, is that the average, unconditioned person cannot do such high intensity activity.  HIIT is not a great starting point if you are not already in decent physical shape.Pace-3D-VerC_WebHaving the best of both worlds…

I wanted to get the benefits of HIIT, but at 50+ I am very conscious about injury.  I did not want to do anything that might set me back in the long run.  Having been less active than I once was, I was excited to run across the Holy Grail in exercise for me!  I came across an exercise protocol that was advertised to do what I wanted – strengthen my muscles, tone and lean my body, increase my lung capacity, and increase my heart health in only 12 minutes a day.  I was skeptical.  How was it possible that something that I ran across on the Internet was going to give me exactly what I wanted?  The only thing I could do was try it and see.  P.A.C.E. (Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion) was developed by anti-aging specialist Al Sears, M.D., and was the answer to my prayers!  I ordered the program and put it to the test.  Everything it promised is true.  There are 3 levels of exercise that anyone who can walk can do, beginning easily with low-impact options and moving up to more advanced moves for those who are conditioned.  The workouts are made up of about 12 minutes of exertion interspersed with 8 minutes of resting periods, for about 20 total minutes of time.  I feel more healthy overall, have much more stamina, and am gaining muscle tone like never before.  P.A.C.E. is the best complement to my Quick Weight Loss Without Killing Yourself – No Gym Required for a lifetime of lean, healthy living!

If you enjoyed this article or have any questions, please comment and let me know.  Thank you for your input!

Please Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

I’m risking my own life with this one!green-pills-1424511

Much talk about cholesterol and the dangers of statin drugs has been swirling around my office lately.  Enough already!  The facts are available and the evidence is clear.  The statin drug (cholesterol-lowering medication) industry is huge.  Many health practitioners frighten people into taking these dangerous drugs without giving them the truth about the health consequences of taking them for the rest of their lives, and I’m sick of hearing it.  Read what I have to say, do some homework, educate yourselves, then you decide.  At the risk of being burned at the proverbial stake, I will do my best to enlighten you.

Start here!no more heart disease

Dr. Louis J. Ignarro, a professor of Pharmacology at the UCLA School of Medicine, was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1998 for his discovery of the relationship between a natural chemical, nitric oxide, and cardiovascular health. His groundbreaking book, NO More Heart Disease, outlines a three-step process to prevent and even reverse heart disease.  His words are impressive with an easy, not extremely sacrificial plan to help put strokes, heart attacks, and atherosclerosis out of the scope of your worry meter.  His basic premise is that the body makes nitric oxide, which is the star of his work.  The body’s production of nitric oxide slows as we age, and the simple combination of a couple of amino acids aids in production of the chemical naturally, without the harmful side effects of many pharmaceuticals.

Ask your doctor if they take their recommended drugs!

As a retired pharmacist whom I have had the pleasure of caring for in the chiropractic arena once told me, “Drugs are for selling, not for taking!”  Really?  I don’t know how some people sleep at night recommending things for people that wouldn’t pass their own lips.  I will recommend only things that I personally use.  I promise that if you hear me tell about it, I use it or have used it.  That goes for everything from exercise programs and equipment to any supplements that I recommend.  The supplement that I use for nitric oxide production is L-Arginine Complete.  I have used it for 6 years now, and the results speak for themselves.  My LDL cholesterol dropped 40 points in the first two months of my using this product.  There is no multi-level marketing associated with it, you can buy it yourself from Amazon or, if you’re in our town, you can come by and pick it up at our office and the price is the same.  It works, and we can barely keep it on the shelf.

Now let’s back up a minute.

What’s the big deal with statin drugs?  Dr. Ignarro’s book was published in 2005.  People have known for a long time the dangers of statin drugs.  The profit in the pharmaceutical industry from them, however, is much larger than the profit from ethical education of the public about what happens when they take these drugs.  In addition to poisoning the liver so that it no longer manufactures the necessary cholesterol for nerve and brain health, among other things, new evidence is out that statin drugs accelerate aging, encourage memory loss, and create diabetic conditions in the body.  I personally talked to a man yesterday who said he never had diabetes until he started taking a statin. He didn’t make the link before it was too late.  Now that diagnosis has led him to two blood sugar lowering medications in addition to the rest of his list.  He is in his 60’s.  The truth is that cholesterol-lowering drugs fail to prevent heart attack and stroke.  These drugs are linked to over 300 side effects, including diseases with symptoms like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, thyroid disease, neuropathy,  and a host of other dangerous problems.  Destruction of the liver and loss of memory are enough to scare most people away if they are made aware of the dangers.

I’m not a witch, I promise!

Listen, I know it flies in the face of convention when I say to question your doctor’s recommendations.  The Latin root of the word “doctor” is “teacher.”  That should mean that anyone who has taken the Hippocratic Oath that says, …”First, do no harm…” would be happy to entertain the questions of any person who has done some degree of homework to assume some responsibility for their own health.  I know that I welcome questions in my practice.  Questions from my patients make me a better doctor, and I love answering them.  Don’t blindly follow the herd.  I believe that if there is risk, there should definitely be choice.  If your doctor doesn’t welcome your questions or makes you feel like an idiot when all you want is to be sure you are making the right choices for your long-term health, find another doctor.  Look for one who really is  a teacher.

Call me crazy, but I’m OK with it!

Elvis Said it Firstelvis_presley_35119-1152x864

Elvis has been quoted as saying, “People think you’re crazy if you talk about things they don’t understand.”  I could have been the author of that quote!  I have found that many seekers of health and wellness think they want to be healthy and well as long as everyone else they know agrees with the lifestyle changes they are making.  When I tell people to educate themselves about grass-fed beef versus grain-fed beef, eating free range chicken and not the commercially mass-produced morphs of animals found in the butcher case at the grocer, or eliminating dairy from their allergic kids’ diets, they often look at me like I’m the one who’s nuts!  The struggle is real.

Gestapo Mama on the Loose

I am an older parent of a 9 year old (I’m 51), so I have a bit more experience being alive than his peers’ youngster parents and I have extensive education in the nutrition and the non-nutrition that our kids are getting these days.  We were poor when I was little.  McDonald’s was a rare treat, thank God, for my two sisters and me.  So when I became the parent of Shawn I decided to do it all the right way.  He was 18 months old when he came to live with me, and right out of the chute I took him off formula, switched to almond milk, and began his supplement routine. I might be the Gestapo of the kid’s diet, but I wanted to give him every possible leg-up in this not-so-easy world. He eats a hot breakfast every morning, and his lunchbox would rival that of Jethro Bodine of Beverly Hillbillies fame.  He takes carrots, apples, hormone and antibiotic free meat of some sort, organic, raw (when I can find it) cheese, organic chips cooked in avocado oil, water to drink, and some Newman’s Own type of cookie.  He grazes on that at lunch and finishes it when I get him in the afternoon.  Dinner is usually raw spinach with ranch dressing and brown rice pasta with red sauce.  80% of the time, I’m strict about what he eats.

Creating A Food Police Beast

So I’ve taught him everything I have learned about fast food.  We do not eat it.  Period.  If half of America knew what they were eating when they get that warm bag from the drive-through window, assuming they care about their health at all, the drive-through beasts would be out of business.  With the truth on the table, no one would eat it.  Common sense tells you that an entire meal that costs less than 5 dollars and takes 3 minutes to cook cannot possibly be of any nutritional value. All that aside, when Shawn sees his friends eating that type of food, he is naturally concerned for their health.  He gets a bit out of hand sometimes.  I guess I need to calm it down a bit to keep people from thinking he’s crazy, too.  Too late!  He has told his friends’ parents that he loves his friends and wants them to be around forever with him.  They shouldn’t be feeding them PopTarts, Lunchables, and McDonald’s.  Part of me swells with pride when the news gets back to me, and the part of me that knows our social calendar will remain empty forever cringes.

A Mama’s Dilemma

So what’s a mama to do?  I know what is truly best for him in the long run, I know the consequences of eating the dangerous fast food, and my heart secretly aches for the social shunning that is inevitable for him as he espouses my views.  If I let him eat fast food, I know that the additives make it addicting and he will probably go back for more.  Standing aside and watching my heart with 2 legs get sick from the long-term effects of this stuff would be neglectful and would drive me insane.  Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.  Dive in to a healthier lifestyle.  We would welcome the company.  But know that once you have the knowledge, you assume responsibility.  Call me crazy, but I’m ok with it.



Health and Wellness Simplified – It’s easier than you think!


Is time running out? Get serious about your health and wellness now!

As a chiropractor, I think outside the box naturally.  Many health professionals want you to have to depend on them for prescriptions or they want to complicate the whole process of getting healthy and avoiding expensive procedures or toxic medicines that ruin your health instead of restoring it.  Let this be the source for your health and wellness simplified.  I want to help the planet by teaching people how to get control of their health and improve it exponentially.  The more you ignore the fact that you have to take responsibility, the more time slips away, and you can’t buy that back.  The place to start is with what you use to fuel your body.

Add first.  Subtract last.

Even the old acronym from elementary math, MDAS, tells us this!  If someone tells you to stop this and quit that (this and that, of course, just happen to be everything you love), how likely are you to listen and actually follow through with any recommendations?  Not very.  Add in more healthy habits and get used to the way they feel before depriving yourself.  The idea here is to crowd out the bad stuff and replace it with the good stuff.  For example, if you’re a soda drinker and know that water is better for you, make a pact with yourself  that you will drink one equal amount of water before you drink that soda.  This way the body will begin to crave water and not so much soda.  This alone will boost your health rating!

Out with processed foods!

There is absolutely no way that you can be healthy and consume processed foods all the time.  If it comes out of a drive-through window, it is poison to your system.  The crowding principle can work here, too.  If you are a drive-through visitor on a regular basis, replace the sandwich and fries with the least offensive menu items, like a salad.   Shopping for groceries should be done mostly on the outer perimeter of the store.  Foods that are boxed or mixes that require little preparation are  just not what your body is designed to eat.  Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables combined with free range and grass-fed meats are what we should eat.

Use grains sparingly!

Not until the industrial revolution did grains become such a problem for the average American. Grinding wheat to make flour changed everything.  Overly-processed grains are much to blame for the current Type 2 Diabetes epidemic and obesity to a large degree.  Grains, when consumed, should be as little-processed as possible and consumed early in the day so that your body can burn them off.  Many grocers now have a huge selection of items containing whole grains.  You must become a label-reading master!


This is just a short, quick lesson on the first step to improving your health simply by changing a few things.  As you develop a more healthy diet, many things will change.  You will begin to feel better and health-conscious living will soon be a way of life!  Feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions.  I will gladly respond and help get you started on the path to health and wellness, simplified!

Health Made Simple

healthy1-485x450When you’re trying to figure out where to start making changes toward a more healthy lifestyle, it can be overwhelming.  We hear every day how we need to make changes to live healthier for longer, but there is so much conflicting information out there that many people just give up.  As a health care practitioner, I see it every day in practice.

But I don’t want to eat grass!

People want to do better, but can’t see themselves living in the gym or eating grass, nuts and twigs all the time. They don’t want to manage a confusing list of prescription medications that might make things worse as they age. There is good news!  You don’t have to change everything right this minute.


I’m Dr. Sherry Meeks, and I am here to help.  I have been on this journey for many years now, and I know how you feel.  Let’s dive in and see how the road to being more healthy starting today just might be  easier than you think.